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New Fishnet Mesh

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Jasmine - Gallery 1
Hi, my name is Jasmine, I'm 25 years old, and I can't believe I'm sending in these pictures! I've been very modest and shy my whole life and up until a few years ago I had never even worn a 2-piece swimsuit of any kind. After meeting my husband I gained some self-esteem and courage and on our honeymoon I wore a (very modest) bikini to the beach for the first time. Wow have I come a long was since then! In these photos I am wearing the Neon Pink Sparkle Sheer bikini in a small top and small bottom at two different lakes. This bikini was amazing! It was super comfortable both when dry and while swimming. It also dries very quickly after getting out of the water which is a plus. I was extremely nervous wearing such a tiny and see-through bikini in public but in a good way. It helped make the trips even more fun and exciting. The photos don't do justice to just how sheer the bikini is. Even when dry you can tell from 20 feet away and when it's wet... you feel practically naked (not necessarily a bad thing haha). At first I found myself covering up when people would come near but after a while it felt totally naturally and very sexy. My husband couldn't keep his eyes off of me! A few people definitely caught glimpses of me when the bikini was wet and always seemed to hang around longer than usual. The Jet skiers would come back by our boat or camp site for several passes. As great as Malibu Strings feel, for some reason they seem to give me the urge to take them off and wear even less .

A few lucky fishermen may or may not have come across me during one of the times when even this skimpy bikini felt like too much to wear! Now that I've tried Malibu Strings I can't stand wearing other bikinis! I'm a 34-C and while i loved the small thong bottom I wondered if I should have ordered a medium top instead. What do you think? I would love to hear any positive comments from anybody out there. I could sure use the extra confidence. Since I want to get more swimsuits from Malibu Strings any gift certificates would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks so much and have a great summer (or Autumn depending on when these get posted)!

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