Bikini Competition | Anastacia - Gallery 1
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New Marine Desert

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Anastacia - Gallery 1
Hi Malibu Strings fans,

This bikini is very special to me. I was a gift from a sweet friend that thought that I would look sensual wearing it in public. He obviously has excellent taste and knew how it would accentuate my athletic body. The pattern is so pretty, and the sheer texture is just perfect for stealthily showing of my naughty bits…just slightly. I love that you really have to look to catch a glimpse of something that you should not be able to see ;-) This location in my home park inspires me to be connected with Earth and to live my purpose. So much so, that I was compelled to change into this Malibu Strings bikini in the open. The rush that I got putting on the suit and then ultimately taking away my top at the park was palpable. You can tell by the look on my face and the way that the sun is dancing right off my skin that I am having fun. The cerulean blue sky, the green trees and grasses, and how these vivid colors contrast with my sun-soaked skin is amazing. I find the way that the sun is illuminating my body to be so sexy. Also, it is not often that I expose my breasts in my galleries but, I love being able to share that with my new MS fans when I am really feeling it. You are welcome! Smile.

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Stay SSS,
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