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Deanna - Gallery 1
Hello Malibu Strings and Fans,

It has been awhile since my last submission and what better time than to get out in the beautiful Fall weather and model some fun photos in my Halloween costume and sexy Malibu Strings that I will be wearing this year to a Halloween Party. I think my Malibu Strings Crystal bikini top and booty shorts paired perfectly with my cop theme set, and made me think I would like to thank all our law enforcement for all that they do, and my good friend Magic Mike for helping sponser this set. I had so much fun making this set and cannot wait to wear it again. As always a BIG thank you to Malibu Strings for making the sexiest bikinis in the world and a Thank you to all those who still write and ask about future sets and sweet comments. I always enjoy hearing from you all!

Have a great Fall and sexy fun Halloween.....until next time!

Deanna XO

Ps-Thank you for all the fan who send me gift certificates. It is very sweet of you!
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