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New Rome Beach

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Naughty40s - Gallery 1
Hi MS fans,

Driving home from a half-day out with friends, passing through the country side of the Australian native bushland, I was relaxed and started thinking it was high time to do a new shoot for Malibu Strings. Hubby and I were exploring some back-country roads we had never been on before. Usually I, and I guess most others, wear my sexy little MS bikinis and accessories to the beach and similar locations. But I like variety, and soon we decided that an Aussie bushland setting could work for a shoot too. We thought "just a bikini" might be a tad odd in that scene, but fortunately I had my cowgirl boots in the car, so I added them to see what that would look like. Hubby's smile indicated approval so we started shooting. This site was right by the junction of two quiet, dirt roads, but while shooting about 3 or 4 cars passed by with "interested onlookers" staring my way. I guessed they were local residents, astounded at a sight they'd probably never seen before - a girl in a skimpy bikini (and with it partly and then mostly off) over sexy boots was something they wouldn't usually see when driving home! I hope you all like this set as much as did the passers-by."


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