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The Band Famous - Gallery 1
Hi Malibu Strings Family!

The Band Famous here, hope you all are safe and well. We wanted to share some photos from a recent shoot, Norell is rocking some Malibu Strings in all of these photos. As always: You're always welcome to share! We just ask that you credit @the_band_famous on Instagram (we're @thebandfamous pretty much everywhere else, twitter, facebook, etc.). Also if you could credit the photographer as well, that'd be sweet! They're Sam and Austin Photo @samandaustinphoto on Instagram. We hope you like some of these! We still have some archives to go through such as video of Norell performing in body paint and Malibu Strings. When we get to all of it, we'll be happy to share that as well <3 Sending our love to you all!

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